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Golf Super Store

Number one store in the UAE for leading golf products and apparel.

The Result

Region’s leading retailer benefits from even more sales thanks to tailored solutions!

Thanks to a carefully optimised sales funnel and advanced methods of digital marketing and promotions, Golf Super Store has been able to convert a significant amount of leads into actual paying customers!



Strong brand name and loyal customer base! Golf Super Store is synonymous in the UAE as the go-to place for anything related to golf.


In the wake of increasing competition, the retailer had to level up its digital marketing efforts and promotions to retain existing customers as well as acquire new clients.

Our Approach

Golf Superstore, is a UAE based Golf Equipment and Accessories company and is amongst the leading Golf stores in the Middle East region. The task at hand was to reach out to the premium golf community through digital platforms and drive online sales. The challenge however was to identify such a niche set of audience online. We realized that the path towards the solution of this task was to completely understand the ‘audience buying process’. Our initial research uncovered that the search volumes were huge for this industry and thereby we put in place a robust search campaign, through which we locked in a higher inflow of quality golf purchaser leads on the website.

The search campaign was approached by us from a 360-degree angle to use all possible ways to optimize the campaigns.

Our Social Media strategy revolved around making optimum use of Facebook’s custom audience and look-alike audiences through segregated customer personas.

We created campaigns focusing on multiple actions across the user’s journey, right from logins to searches, add to carts, in order to track drop offs and bring the user back into the sales funnel and drive purchases. Several creative styles were experimented to get the desired output for the campaigns.

  • Expanded the list of target keywords based on keyword planner and consumer insights.
  • Reworded the Ad copies to best suit the keywords and stay relevant to customer query searches.
  • Executed the target cost per acquisition strategy to decrease the overall CPC.
  • Continuously analyzed search terms and update negative keywords list regularly.

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