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Top Australian website for health, beauty, and lifestyle products at great prices.

The Result

Increased visibility, brand awareness, and surge in online sales!

By combining advanced targeting methods with easy-to-use and user-oriented sales funnels, we were able to drastically improve the company’s leads and online sales, thereby resulting in increased revenue.



Online shopping website with an amazing number of health and lifestyle products from leading brands. Consistently offers its customers great deals and discounts on a range of items.


The website had a great line-up of products and exciting deals, but it was not reaching the intended audiences as expected, which was a major problem.

Our Approach

Pharma Deal is a leading health and lifestyle products retailing company based in Australia. The objective that had to be accomplished was to penetrate deeper into the pharma ecommerce markets in the region and set apart the positioning of Pharma Deal viz-a-viz its tough competitors. They were looking to build a strong brand recall, improve credibility and accelerate sales.

In order to tackle the stiff competition, we adopted a unique sales pipeline approach after having thoroughly researched the buying behavior of the target audience. Campaigns were split strategically for Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention and focused offers were cascaded down towards each of the audience groups. Full-funnel marketing and ad sequencing were leveraged to maximize ROI.

The sales pipeline approach ensured visibility across channels and helped identify gaps through the operational flow and take timely remedial actions. Through authentic content creation, we aimed at tapping into a massive audience and driving more engagement.

  • Through campaigns, we emphasized on the comfort and convenience that users of Pharma Deal’s services will be getting.
  • We Adopted a Remarketing strategy to re-engage with our existing customers.
  • One-of-a kind offers were launched in order to capture the attention of new customers and acquire them.

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